Out-of-box Lead Qualify functionality: When lead is qualified by clicking “Qualify” button, then CRM creates the below records:

  1. Account: If no “existing account” is selected and Lead.Company Name is not blank
  2. Contact: If no “existing contact” is selected
  3. Opportunity: This record is always created

Below screenshot shows Lead form with “Qualify” button:

Zap Lead Qualify without Opportunity App functionality: When you install this app and give “Zap-LQWO” Security role to the user, then a new button called as “No Opportunity” will show-up below existing “Qualify” button as shown in below screenshot:

Please note that this additional button “No Opportunity” will be shown only if the necessary security role has been given to the user (else only Qualify button will be shown).

When user clicks “No Opportunity” button then lead is qualified same like out-of-box lead qualification process except that no opportunity record is created.

Please note that duplicate detection works the same way as before.

Known Issue:
Lead can be qualified from form as well as grid. When you qualify lead from form by clicking “No Opportunity” button then the lead is qualified…however no message is shown and the form stays as-is…(however in background the lead record has been qualified and is locked for further editing). Please advise the user on closing the lead form after clicking qualify button.