When you import Zap Helpdesk App, the attachment viewer section will automatically get added to default case form.

If you need to add “Attachment Viewer” to any other case form then follow below steps:

Step 1: Open the case form in edit mode
Step 2: Insert 1-Column Tab
Step 3: Name the tab as “Attachments”
Step 4: Select the tab and insert Web Resource
Step 5: In field web resource, enter value “zap_hd_att” and click “Search”. Select web resource “zap_hd_attachmentsviewer.html”
Step 6: In Section: Fieldname and properties: enter name as “attachment”
Step 7: Open “Formatting” tab and enter the below values:
Section: Row Layout
Number of Rows: 2-
Section: Border
Display Border: Unchecked
Step 8: Click Save and then click “Publish” button

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