• Adding time-entry (against a Case) using a Timer: From Case form or Global Track Time Panel
  • Adding new time-entry (against a Case) manually
  • Automatic calculation of extended price for time entry (based on specified rate)
  • Rounding-off of time added through timer

High Level Steps:

Step 1: Assigning Security Roles (link)

Step 2: Understanding new components added by PSA solution in reference to Case Time Entry (link)

Step 3: Calculating extended price for time-entry (link) //This feature will be available in Feb 22 Release

Step 4: How to add New Time Entry Manually (link)

Step 5: How to add New Time Entry using a Timer (link)

Step 6: How to add Timer, Time Entry tab & Contract field to custom Case form (link)
//Case – Contract functionality will be available in Feb 22 release.

Step 7: Reporting (link)