A configuration record needs to be created for using Zap Team Calendar App.

Browse to Settings >> Zap Apps and click “Zap TC Configuration”. (Please note that this option will be available only to users having either “System Administrator” role or “Zap TC Admin” role)

  1. Click “New” button. This will open a new configuration record.
  2. Select / modify the values as needed.
  3. “Save” the record!

Below are the settings available in “Zap Team Calendar Configuration” page:

Default Period: Day / Week / Month (Default value: Month)

Default Calendar View: Calendar / Timeline (Default value: Calendar)

Date format: DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY (Default value: MM-DD-YYYY). This setting is used for displaying “Start date” and “End date” in calendar tool-tip.

Hide Weekends: Yes/No (Default value: No)

Start Hour & End Hour: These settings are used for displaying the time in Calendar Week & Day view.

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