Creating New Contract: Below are the four different approaches that could be used to create new Contract:
1. New Contract – From Template: Browse to Contracts (Zap PSA Contracts) and click “New  + From Template”
2. New Contract – Blank Contract: Browse to Contracts (Zap PSA Contracts) and click “New”
3. New Contract from Sub-grid in Account form😕
4. New Contract from within Case Form😕

Explanation of Form Fields:
Tab: General
Customer: Select Customer (Account/Contact)
Contract Type: Basic // For now only “Basic” contract-type supported. In future… we will add multiple contract-types like: T&M< Retainer, Block etc.
Name: Auto-Generated (can be over-written too)
Auto-Generate Name: If this checkbox is checked then the name will be auto-generated (Format: Customer – Contract Type)
Billing Contact 1 & Billing Contact 2:
Start Date & End Date:
Default Contract:

Section: Rates & Invoicing
Currency: Select Billing Currency
Billing Method: Contract Rate / Contract Staff Rate

Tab: Staff
Here we can add the Staff as well as Staff Hourly Rate.

Tab: Time Entries
This tab shows the time-entries that have been logged against this contract.

Tab: Cases
This tab shows the cases that have been logged against this contract.

Approach 1: New Contract – From Template

A “Contract Template” is a contract record having “isTemplate” checkbox set.
You can create and activate the contracts in bulk (for multiple customers) using an already created template record.

Lets go through the steps of creating contracts from template:

Step 1: