How to generate invoice pdf from contract?
Approach 1: From Contract form
This consists of 2 parts:
Part 1: Generating Invoice record

Part 2: Generating Invoice PDF from invoice record.

Approach 2: From Invoice form
Here the invoice record has already been created. You can modify the invoice and invoice line details…and then generate the invoice pdf.

The majority of settings needed to generate the invoice from contract are stored in Contract record while few of them (needed to generate invoice pdf) are stored in Invoice record.

Miscellaneous Points:

Additional Email Recipients for Invoice:
When using automated invoicing, by default the invoice is emailed to Billing Contact 1. ??
You can configure additional email recipients too who would be added in “CC” section of the email.
These could be done at 2 places:
In Account form, we have added a field called as “Invoice CC Recipients”. Here you could add the additional CC recipients.
Now when creating a contract…this field is automatically populated.///////////

Entity: Invoice Settings Template

There are lots of settings that need to be configured for the invoicing process. This is because you may have a different process for each customer (e.g. invoicing terms, how to bill, what details to be included in invoice, etc).
Since the invoice is generated from within Contract, all these settings have been made available in the Contract creation form.
In-order for speeding up the data-entry… we have introduced the concept of “Invoice Settings Template”.
You can setup multiple settings templates based on the most common settings that you use…
And then when filling up the “invoice settings” within the contract form… have them auto-populated by selecting this.