Below 4 Security roles are provided:

  1. Zap NO User
  2. Zap NO Manager
  3. Zap NO Admin
  4. Zap NO User (Thunder): Only Users having this role can use Thunder Notifications!

Below table explains the different privileges that each Security Role supports:

Security  Roles View Form Notifications View In-App Notifications Form Notifications (Create/Update)  Recurring Notifications (Create/Update) General Notifications (Create/Update) Trigger Notifications (Create/Update)
No Zap Role Yes X X X X X
Zap NO User Yes Yes (User) Yes (User) Yes (Audience: Me) X X
Zap NO Manager Yes Yes (User) Yes (Audience: All) Yes (Audience: All) X X
Zap NO Admin Yes (All) Yes (All) Yes (Audience: All) Yes (Audience: All) Yes Yes