Zap Email Parser

To request trial, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Request solution file: Email to request solution file.
Please mention:
– Company Name:
– Contact Phone:
– Need Demo: Yes / No
– Requirements in brief:
You can expect a response within 1-business day. Please use only official email address for communication.

Step 2: Import the solution file.

Step 3: Activation of 15-day trial:
Browse to Settings >> Zap Apps and open Zap License. Register the profile online, to start 15-day trial. (Refer Licensing KB articles for more info)

Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Some areas of user-guide are password protected. Email from your official email address to request password.

Solution Version: [Latest]
Works with: PowerApps, Dynamics 365  v9
Dynamics 365 Supported Versions: This version supports Dynamics 365 v9 and is compatible with Unified Interface forms.
Works for Online as well as On-Premise.
Release Date: Jul 01, 2020
Updates: Compatible with Power Apps

Solution Version: (built for 2016 / Dynamics 365 v8)
Dynamics Supported Versions: This version supports CRM 2016 as well as Dynamics 365 (However Unified Interface Forms are not supported). Works for Online as well as On-Premise.
Release Date: Dec 01, 2019



    1. admin Article Author

      Hi Owen,
      Zap Email Parser App works for CRM 2016, Dynamics 365 On-Premise as well as Online!
      I have sent across the solution download link to you in email now.

      Zap Support Team

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