Zap Copy Record

To request trial, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Install the solution from Microsoft AppSource. (To request solution file, email
Step 2: Browse to Settings >> Zap Apps and open Zap License. Register the profile online, to start 15-day trial. (Refer Licensing KB articles for more info)

Please note the following points:

  1. “Copy” button will show-up in entity form/grid,  only when security role “Zap_CR_User” has been provided to the user (by default the button shows up for users with System Administrator role).
  2. Another point to note is that a configuration record (Zap_CR_Configuration) needs to be created for the entity in which the button needs to be shown. Zap_CR_Configuration records for common entities gets created automatically when you register the trial license. You can also create these records manually or click “Install Sample Data” button (in ribbon of Zap_CR_Configuration grid).

Feel free to email for any questions.

Some areas of user-guide are password protected. Email from your official email address to request password.

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