When you import Attachment Viewer App, the attachment viewer section will automatically get added to case, lead, account, contact and opportunity out-of-box forms. (You can delete the Attachments section from the form if not needed).

If you need to add “Attachment Viewer” to any other entity form then follow below steps:

Let’s consider an example of adding “Attachment Viewer” web-resource to Case form:

Step 1: Open the case form in edit mode
Step 2: Insert 1-Column Tab
Step 3: Name the tab as “Attachments”
Step 4: Select the tab and insert Web Resource
Step 5: In field web resource, enter value “zap_av” and click “Search”. Select web resource “zap_av_attachmentviewer.html”

Step 6: In Section: Fieldname and properties: enter name as “attachment”
Step 7: Open “Formatting” tab and enter the below values:
Section: Row Layout
Number of Rows: 15
Section: Border
Display Border: Unchecked
Step 8: Click Save and then click “Publish” button

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