Zap Calendar Pro

To request trial, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Install the solution from Microsoft AppSource. (To request solution file, email
Step 2: Browse to Settings >> Zap Apps and open Zap License. Register the profile online, to start 15-day trial. (Refer Licensing KB articles for more info)

Feel free to email for any questions.

Some areas of user-guide are password protected. Email from your official email address to request password.

Solution Version: XXXX [Latest]
Dynamics Supported Versions: This version supports Dynamics 365 v9 and is compatible with Unified Interface forms. Works for Online as well as On-Premise.
Release Date: Apr 01, 2020

  1. Ability to add additional filter criteria to activities being fetched.
  2. High priority items can be shown with exclamation icon
  3. Overdue activities can be shown with warning icon (these are mainly task, phone-call and appointment activities which are past due-date and have status not equal completed or cancelled)
  4. New Views added: Agenda View, Top-Down View
  5. 1-Click Actions (directly from Calendar): Mark Complete / Cancel / Delete / Assign / Add to Queue / Clone (Please note that Clone feature will require license for Zap Copy Record App)
  6. Drag and Drop to Reassign or Reschedule
  7. Customizable Tool-Tip (ability to add party list and lookup fields)
  8. Ability to search through Calendar items
  9. Concept of System and Personal Calendar (can create unlimited custom calendars and share with everybody or selected users/teams)
  10. Multi-Language Compatibility

Please note that we are updating the User-Guide with features and functions that will be released in 1st week of April 2020

Solution Version: 1.1.2016.0001
Release Date: Sept 15 2019
Supported Dynamics CRM Versions: 2016, 365 (v8 & v9)
Change Log: First Version Released


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