Adding “Time Entry” Sub-Grid and fields to Case Form:

To help you get started quickly, we provide a “Case –  Time Tracker Demo” form in “Zap Case Time Tracking” Solution file.

Below is the screenshot of Case form with Time Tracking section added:

Steps for adding “Case Time-Tracker” fields and Sub-Grid to Case form:

Step 1: Open Case form in Edit mode.

Step 2: Insert a new section(One Column)… then add the Roll-up fields: “Total Time” and “Billable Time”.

Step 3: Insert Sub-Grid: Zap CT Case Time Entry (Case) and select View: Case Time Entries (Case Form)

Now click on Tab: Controls and then click button “Add Control”

Now select “Read Only Grid” and click button “Add”

Adding “Time Entry” Roll-Up fields to Case View:

Following Roll-up fields can be added to any Case View: Total Time, Billable Time.
To help you get started quickly, we provide a Case View: “Active Cases  – Time Tracking Demo View” in “Zap Case  Tracking” Solution file.

We also recommend adding “Zap CT Case Time Entry” entity to your App SiteMap!