To install sample data:

  1. Browse to Settings >> Zap Apps >> Zap_EP_Configuration
  2. Click “Install Sample Data” button (as shown in screenshot below). This would create a sample configuration record with multiple parsing rules.
  3. Refresh the grid. A new configuration record (Sample Lead Config) would show up.
  4. Open the configuration record.
  5. Select a Queue (on which email will be received)
  6. Scroll down to section “Test Run”. Select “Email Recipient type”, enter “from email”. (refer Email Parser Setup KB for more info)
  7. Save the record
  8. Click “Test Email” button (in section “Test Run”) to create a test lead record.

//Please note that in the sample record, field: “Subject Filter” has value “@lead”…so only emails having subject keyword “@lead” would be processed.

The sample configuration record is for extracting new lead from below email content:
First Name: Nick
Last Name: Cary
Company: Zip Mart
Job Title: Sales Manager
Phone: 999-999-9999
Country: United States
City: Herndon
State: Virginia
Description: This is sample data from Zap Objects. Extract data from email to create CRM lead, case or any other entity record automatically using Zap Email Parser App.
Lead Source: Web

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