You can set default values for certain fields of the newly created record by creating parsing rules.

Let’s consider an example of setting the default value for lead topic and owner when new lead is being created using Zap Email Parser:

Below are the parsing rules that need be created:

Parsing Rule 1: for setting default lead topic

Destination Field: Topic
Data Source: Default Value
Default Value Text: Sample lead from Zap Email Parser

Parsing Rule 2: for setting default lead owner
If destination field is “Owner” then the value specified in parsing rule is matched against user or team.
First the value is matched against user email address. If no match found then is matched against team name.

Destination Field: Owner
Data Source: Default Value
Default Value Text: Sumeet
Here, the default value “sumeet” will be matched against email address…sumeet.ballani@zap…and owner would be assigned to user: sumeet