Now you can backup and restore configurations and parsing rules from one environment to another (or same-one).

Below are the steps to create Backup:

Step 1: Browse to Zap EP Configuration. Select all the configurations that need to be backed up and click button “Create Backup”

Step 2: Browse to Zap EP Configuration Backup.
Open the newly created record.
Copy the text from field “Configuration JSON” … now paste in a notepad and save the file.

Below are the steps required to restore the backup:

Step 1: Browse to Zap EP Configuration Backup. Create a new record and paste the entire text from notepad file (which was saved during Backup process) to field: Configuration Json…and save the record!

Step 2: Click button “Restore Backup”

Points to note regarding Backup and Restore process:

  1. Backup of configuration also includes the parsing rules.
  2. You can include multiple configuration records when taking backup.