Email parser triggers instantly when an email is received in CRM. So first step would be to verify if the email has been received. You can check the emails under the particular queue that has been configured.Eg. all the emails received in CRM support queue would be visible under the queue (browse to Settings >> Business Management >> Queues and open ‘Support Queue’. The received email should be visible in the ‘queue items’. (If the email has not been received then check the server side synchronization settings)

If the email shows up in the queue then next step would be to check the EP Event Log. The name of the event log record is populated with email subject (as long as the license is valid). Open the log to check if an error occured when parsing a particular email.

Note: Email Parser worflow is available onDemand too. Hence you can also run the Email Parser workflow on  the email record anytime by selecting “Run Workflow”. (However please note that the workflow will run succesfully only against email that has status as “Received”)