In reference to marking time-entries as billed… we have 3 fields in time-entry record:

Billed (External): This is a 2-option field. If you are invoicing your customers using an external application then you can set this field as checked.

Please note that only users with role: “Zap PSA Admin” or “Zap PSA Manager” can update this field.

Invoice: This is a lookup field. In future (Aug 2023), we will be providing an invoicing functionality in Zap PSA application. When invoice is generated…we will auto-populate this field with the invoice record.

Billed (Read Only): This is a 2-option field. If any of the above two fields has been set then we automatically set this field as checked.

Below screenshot shows how we can use the Dynamics 365 bulk-edit feature to set the “Billed (External)” check-box: