Below are the various components added by Zap PSA solution in reference to Case Time Entry Module:

  1. Global Track Time Panel
  2. Timer Web Resource – Added to Case Form
  3. Time Entry Tab – Added to Case Form
  4. New Field “Contract” – Added to Case Form //will be available in Feb 22 release
  5. Timer Web Resource – Added to Task & Email forms

Please note that Timer, Time Entry tab and Contract fields are automatically added to Zap PSA Demo Case form when solution is imported. Also Timer Web Resource is added to Zap PSA Demo forms for Task & Email.

If you would like to have these components automatically added to Out-of-box Case and Case for Interactive Service forms (and Task/Email forms) then can import another managed solution “Zap PSA Additional Forms”. If you are using a custom case form then will need to manually add-in these components. For instructions, please refer KB article.

Global Track Time Panel:

Global Track Time Panel displays all running timers as well as any time-entry records created. (Please note that technically a timer record is also a time-entry record with status as “Running”)

The panel can be opened by clicking the “Time Entry” button in the global ribbon.
This button will normally show up in off-white icon… However if there is any running timer then the color of icon would change to red (as shown in screenshot below).

The records in Track-Time panel can be filtered based on:
Period: Today / Yesterday / Last 3 days / Last 7 days / Last Week / Last Month / Last 30 days / Last 90 days / Last 180 days / Custom

Display Timers Only: Enabling this filter… will display only time-entries with status as “Running” (basically all timers).

User: This filter will allow  filtering time-entry / timer records by users. This option will be shown only if logged-in user has “Zap PSA Time Track – Admin” security role.

Various operations supported across “Track Time” panel are:

Copying an existing Time-Entry record to start a new Timer: To start a new Timer and have all details copied over…click the play button within a time-entry record…

Timer Web Resource – Added to Case Form:

  1. Timer control displays “Timers” as well as “Time Entries” modified in past 1 hr.
    Please note that Timer is actually a Time-Entry record with status as “Running”…Once a timer is stopped…then the status of time entry is changed to “Open”
  2. The timer keeps running even when the form is closed.
  3. When you start the timer in Case form then it is displayed even in the global timer panel (and visa versa).

Time Entry Tab – Added to Case Form:

New Field “Contract” – Added to Case Form

A contract record stores various details like Billing Methods, Contract Rate, Staff and their hourly rates
Start & End Dates, Billing Contact etc.
You can create multiple contracts for Customer (Case.Customer).

To automatically calculate “Extended Price” for time-entry, the corresponding case contract field needs to be populated.