Managing Projects:

Projects are useful for grouping and categorizing time entries that belong to the same type of work. Projects make it easier to analyze data, generate more useful reports, and see where and how you spend time.

Each project belongs to some Customer (Account/Contact). For tracking internal company projects, you could create a dummy customer (e.g. MyCompany Internal). A Customer can have many projects, but a project can belong to only one Customer.

Creating Projects:
Security Roles:
Zap PSA Admin role – User can create / edit all projects.
Zap PSA Manager role – User can create / edit project only where they are the Owner OR where they have been added as a Member (with Member Role: Manager)
Zap PSA User role – cannot create / edit / view project information

The owner of the project will have all permissions to modify project information and view project analytics.
Users added to the project with “Member Role”: Manager will also have permissions to modify project information and view project analytics. (however they need to have atleast “Zap PSA Manager” security role).

To create a Project:
1. Open “Zap PSA App” …in sitemap scroll to section “Manage”…and click “Projects”
2. Click “New”

Explanation of form fields:

TAB: General (Section: General)
Customer: Select Project Customer (for internal projects, create a dummy customer)
Name: This is the project name. This name will appear in “projects” drop-down when user is creating time-entry record.
Public: If checked then this project is visible to all users when creating time-entry.
If not checked then this would be available only to users added in the “Members” tab of the project.
Start Date & End Date: The project will be available in “project selection” drop-down (when doing time-entry) based on these dates.
Description: can enter project details here

Section: Rates & Invoicing
Currency: This is the project billing currency. This field is automatically populated when the Project.Customer lookup is selected.
Billing Method:
Zap PSA Time Entry App can apply different hourly rates to your billable time entries and automatically calculate how much money you earn.
Whenever a user enters a project time-entry, the extended price (field in time entry record) is automatically calculated.  This is based on the billing method selected in project.
Please note that each time-entry record has an hourly rate field which is populated with the project hourly rate / job rate / member rate based on the billing method selected in the project.

If you have changed the billing method or billing rate after the time-entry has been created then click “Recalculate” button (within the time-entry record) to get the latest rate and recalculate the time-entry “extended price”.

Zap PSA Time Entry App supports below billing methods:
Project Rate: which you define for each project
Job Rate: which you define when configuring job
Member Rate: which you define for each user added to project “members” section.
//Please note that if you use a different approach to calculate the time-entry dollar value then pls consult with our product team.

Project Rate: If Billing Method is selected as “Project Rate”… then time-entry “Extended Price” is calculated based on this rate.

Setting a billable rate for users on the project:
If you want to assign a billable rate for each user on some particular project, then open tab “Members” (within the project form)… then add the User and enter the rate in field “Billable Rate”

Setting Project billing method:


Project Status:
When you and your team start tracking time for projects and jobs, you’ll be able to track progress on each project using Project status.
Project Status values: Draft, In-Progress, Completed
Draft – is the default status for newly created projects.
In-Progress – Only projects having “In-Progress” status will be visible when user is trying to create time-entry.
Completed – You can change the status of project to completed when project is finished.

Deleting Project:
Deleting a project will not delete the time-entries in which it has been selected. We suggest making the project as in-active if not needed.
Only project owners or admins will be able to delete projects.

Managing users on Projects:
There are two types of projects: Public and Private
Public Project: Everyone can select project when tracking time.
Private Project: Only Users added to project (tab: Members), can select project when tracking time.
To add users to project, open tab “Members”…and click button “Add Members”
To remove a User from project, goto the “Members” tab… Select “User” and click button “Remove Member”.

Member Roles:
When you add a user to the project (Tab: Members), you have to select the member role. This can be either “User” or “Manager”.
Please note the following regarding users added in the “Members” tab of the project:

– Users who are added in Member’s tab with member role “Manager” can: modify/view project details, add/modify/delete jobs. (we programmatically share the project record with any user who is added as a “Manager”). The user will be able to see this project in “My Active Projects” View too.
Besides they can select this project when tracking time.
– Users who are added in Member’s tab with “User” role, will only be able to select the project when tracking time. (they will not have access to project/job details or analytics)
– Users will automatically get access to the project once you add them (meaning, there’s no project invite).

Working with Jobs:

Jobs are used for defining type of activity (e.g. Design, coding).

Adding Jobs:
Project Owners as well as Project Managers (Users added in Members section with Team Member Role selected as “Manager”) can create/modify jobs.
To create new job:
Open project record… Go to Jobs tab…click button “Add Job”

Explanation of Form Fields:
Name: Enter a User Friendly name for the job.
Public: If job is set as public then it will be available for selection (when creating time entry record) for all users who have access to the corresponding project.
Billable: If billable is checked, then when creating new time-entry…if this job is selected then “Billable” will also be checked by default… However user will have option to uncheck it

Managing Users for Jobs:
There are 2 types of jobs:
Public: These jobs are available to all users who are able to select the corresponding project when creating time-entry.
Private: These jobs are available to be selected (when creating time entry record), only to users added in the members section of the job.

To add users to job, open tab “Members”…and click button “Add Members”

Removing users from Jobs:
To remove a User from project, goto the “Members” tab… Select “User” and click button “Remove Member”.

Bulk Add users to Multiple jobs:
To bulk add users to multiple jobs: select the jobs…click button “Add Members” and select the users.