1) Time can be tracked against Cases as well as projects.

2) For tracking time against internal projects:
– create a dummy customer (e.g. Zap Internal) and then create projects & jobs (e.g. Meetings, Trainings, etc) against this.

3) There are two ways you can create time-entries:

Option 1: Using Timer, as you work
When you start working, open global track time panel…click the play button to start a timer… now edit this timer to select the project and job. When you finish, stop the timer and time-entry gets added automatically to your timesheet.

Option 2: Add time manually, after you have finished
If you don’t want to bother with the timer (or you forgot to start it), you can manually add time entries after the fact. Simply select the project and job, what you worked on, choose start and/or duration, and add the time entry.

4) Process Flow:

– Create Accounts, Projects and Project Jobs
– Allocate project jobs to users
– Log Time
– Approve Manually / Auto-Approve / Create Timesheet => Send for Approval