There are two types of Notifications:

  1. Bell Notifications.
  2. Form Notifications

=> Bell Notifications are displayed in top-right corner when bell icon is clicked. You can setup and control which notifications you get.

There are 3 sub-types of Bell Notifications:

  1. General Bell Notification (One-Time): These are like Announcements which can be added manually or through a workflow and are not based on any condition or trigger…!
    Eg if Admin wants to create a one-time notification regarding planned system down-time then can create a general notification!
  2. Trigger Bell Notification: This type of notification can be triggered when a specific event occurs: eg Notify the user when case/lead is assigned.
  3. Recurring Bell Notification: These notifications are generated periodically based on the filtered query (View or Fetch XML) that you setup. For example if you select filtered query as “Opportunities which are approaching Est. Close date” and recurrence pattern as “Weekly” then every week the query would run and generate notifications for the matching opportunity records. The users (mostly the Opportunity Owner) would see the notification with the Opportunity details and could be reminded to follow-up… Thus making them pro-active and productive!

=> Form Notifications are usually displayed on the form when user opens a record!

There are 2 sub-types of Form Notifications :

  1. Fixed Form Notification: This type of Notification can be added to any Dynamics 365 record and shows up when the record form is opened. These are static in nature.
    E.g Displaying a message “The account is on credit-hold. Please contact finance team for more info.
  2. Conditional Form Notification: This type of Notification can also show up when a Dynamics 365 record form is opened. The only difference in comparison to fixed Notification is that… these are dynamic in nature… Here you specify conditions and only if the condition matches the record being opened will the Notification be shown!
    E.g. Show on-going discounts for all open opportunity records during the Sale period!