Yes, all our Zap Apps come with a 15-day trial. Please note that there is no functional difference between trial and licensed version.
To start the trial, download and install the app solution file. Browse to Settings >> Solutions and double-click the solution to open the license registeration page. Fill-in the details and click “Register” to start the trial.
You can purhcase any of Zap Apps from our online store. If you have already taken the trial then just let us know your CRM organization name and we will activate the trial to paid license online (no need to uninstall and reinstall the solution).
If you have not yet installed the solution in production then proceed with installation and registeration… once done let us know the CRM organization name.
All our apps are licensed by user-tier which is based on the total number of enabled CRM Users. To find the enabled CRM users, browse to Settings >> Security >> Users and change the view to Enabled Users. Please note that we count all users with atleast one security role for licensing purpose.
If you are not satisfied with the app then you can request cancellation of the license within 30 days of purhcase. However please note that we would not be able to issue a refund. Instead we could offer exchange of the license for any other Zap App of similar or lesser value.
We recommend contacting our support team for any issues with our apps.

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