Support Channels: Email | Phone Call | Remote Session using Teams, WebEx

Creating Support Ticket: Please email if you have any questions or need assistance.

Phone: US: +1.571.250.7070

Support Hours: New York EST up to Noon | London BST up to 04:30 PM | Sydney AST up to 11:00 PM

Important points regarding Support:

  1. All of our applications have a very detailed event logging which can help you troubleshoot any issue easily!
  2. We maintain a very detailed Knowledge Base for all Zap Apps which are constantly updated with newer articles.
  3. All our paid apps includes unlimited email based Support & up to 30 minutes of remote session annually. If you need additional dedicated support then can purchase support ticket.
  4. We try our best to respond to you within 4 business hours as per our support hours (mentioned above).

Support Tiers

We offer 3 Levels of Support. Any new issue raised is first handled by Level-1 Support Team.
If you need to escalate the issue or want to raise a high priority issue, please enter text [ESCALATE] in your email to support. This would be directly routed to our Level-3 Specialists.