How “Quick Email reply” feature boosts support agent productivity:
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Using “Quick Email Reply” section in Case Form:
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Using Canned Responses for quicker email composing:
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Pre-requisite step for using Quick Email Reply feature: Create a record in “Quick Email Reply User” Settings

Quick Email Reply User Settings:

When the “Quick Email Reply” email editor loads in case form, the fields (Email template, Email From) would be automatically populated based on the values in “Quick Email Reply User” settings record.

To create “Quick Email Reply User” settings:
Browse to Zap Apps >> Quick Email Reply User Settings and click “New”.

Explanation of form fields:

If you have questions regarding how best to use these settings then email and we will schedule a joint online call to help you

Email Template: Select default email template. When the “Quick Email Reply” editor loads in case form, this email template would be applied automatically.

Recipient From: Value can be “User” or “Queue”.
If value is “User” then “From” Recipient in “Quick Email Reply” is populated by logged-in User.
If value is “Queue” then the Queue to which the email was received will be automatically populated.  However this is not so straight forward…so let us explain how this works:
A new custom text field has been added in Case entity: Zap Preferred – From Recipient Queue Email. (ZP-FRQE)

When Case is created using Helpdesk App, we populate the Queue email address to this custom text field(ZP-FRQE).

When any user manually selects a Queue in “From” Recipient field in “Quick Email Reply” section, then this custom text field (ZP-FRQE) is again updated with that Queue Email Address.

Now, when any User comes to Quick Email Reply Section, then the “From” Recipient is automatically populated with Queue based on email address stored in this custom text field (ZP-FRQE).

However in scenario when the Case was not created using Helpdesk App… this custom text field would be blank. So Queue would not be automatically populated. A work-around could be that you could create a Smart Rule which populates this custom text field(ZP-FRQE) with the Queue email address!


Fall-back Queue (Optional): If you have created only 1 Zap HD Configuration record…and always want the Queue in “Quick Email Reply Section” to be populated then select the Queue field here…(For scenario when Case was not created using Helpdesk App… we will populate the “From” Recepient from this selected Queue)

Default Email Action: Reply / Reply All / Forward

Remind if no case number in email subject: Yes / No

Settings applicable to (User): This is optional field. If no user is selected, then this setting will be applicable for all users.
When the Quick Email Reply section opens up (in case form), then the default values will be loaded (for email template and Recipient – From fields) based on below preference:
we first look for a user specific setting…if none found then we pick the setting which does not have user field populated.

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