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Step 1: Install the solution from Microsoft AppSource. (To request solution file, email
Step 2: Browse to Settings >> Zap Apps and open Zap License. Register the profile online, to start 15-day trial. (Refer Licensing KB articles for more info)

Feel free to email for any questions.

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Solution Version: [Latest]
Dynamics Supported Versions: This version supports Dynamics 365 v9 and is compatible with Unified Interface forms. Works for Online as well as On-Premise.
Release Date: Nov 05, 2019

Solution Version: (built for 2016 / Dynamics 365 v8) [Latest]
Dynamics Supported Versions: This version supports CRM 2016 as well as Dynamics 365 (However Unified Interface Forms are not supported). Works for Online as well as On-Premise.
Release Date: Nov 05, 2019

Solution Version: 8.1.2016.0001
Dynamics Supported Versions: This version supports Dynamics 365 v8 and v9.
Release Date: Apr 25, 2019
Change Log:

  1. New Email Parsing functionality has been added: You can parse email subject and body to directly populate case fields. Please note that parsing is applicable only for new Case creation. A new section called as “New Case Creation: Email Parsing (Optional)” has been added. The functionality is similar to our email parser app.

    Some common user-scenarios are like:

    Use-Case 1: You may also have a “Support Request” page on your website. When user fills in the page, you may be receiving an auto-generated email with the customer issue details.
    Now using Helpdesk “Email Parsing” feature, you can directly have this email parsed and create Case record in CRM…with all important case fields populated with the issue details.

    Use-Case 2: For creating new cases, your customer may be sending email to your support mailbox.
    You are already using Helpdesk App to automatically convert these emails to Cases in CRM.
    Using this new “Email Parsing” feature, you can have customer send in additional details and have them automatically populated in the Newly created Case.
    For example…you could send below text in email and have the Case fields automatically populated.
    Priority: high (Option-Set)
    Additional Comments: XYZ (Custom field on Case)
    Internal Issue: Yes (Custom 2-Option Set)

  2. Options for “New Case Creation Settings: Attach Customer” have been modified. Please refer user-guide for explanation.
  3. New Section Added: Copy Attachment Settings – You can now copy attachments for new case creation as well as when new email is received for an on-going existing case.
  4. Quick Email Reply Section has now been made compatible to work with Mobile and Tablet App
  5. “From Recipient” in “Quick Email Reply” section can now be automatically populated with Queue based on configuration settings in Zap HD Configuration page. So each configuration could specify its own preferred Queue.
  6. Allow sending email even to non-CRM leads/Contacts using Quick Email Reply Section (select type as Custom) [Beta feature]
  7. Ability to include attachments in external and internal email notifications.
  8. Added “Smart Rules Configurator” feature – to set Case fields conditionally based on Sender Email or Keywords in email body or Case.Customer
  9. Test Run – Now you can also add attachments to  email  when using “Test Run” feature.
  10. Forward to New Case feature [Bug Fix]


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