Yes, there is a capability to copy email attachments to case notes. Besides we also have provided a section on the case form which can show you all the email attachments received from the customer in a summarized list format.
 Zap Helpdesk App has an excellent feature called as “Forward to link an existing Case”. This allows forwarding the email to support queue and have it automatically tracked against the Case. Best practice would be that even though you are replying from your personal mailbox…ensure that the support email address is marked in the CC section of the email. Similarly if the customer too marks the support email address in either “To” or “CC” section then the email will be automatically tracked against the Case.
 Yes, absolutely. You can set the default values for Case entity fields like origin, priority, owner, etc in the configuration section. When a new case is created using Zap Helpdesk App, these fields would be automatically set.

Zap Helpdesk App includes Email Loop Protection by default. When Zap Helpdesk creates a new case, it checks to see if a case with a similar subject and sender was created within the last X minutes. If yes, case will not be created and so no new email notification will be sent. This breaks the looping that could have occurred. You can configure X (minutes) in the helpdesk configuration. By default, 5 minutes is used. A value of 0 will disable this functionality.