Step 1: Go through the sample email-to-case process as explained in blog: How to design a support process (email based) when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Step 2: Set up Mailbox (can be shared mailbox too) e.g.

Step 3: Set up the Queue (e.g. Zap Support Queue having incoming email address as “”. This ensures that the emails sent to “” are received in this Queue.
Refer KB article (for Steps 1 and 2): link

Step 4: Install Zap Helpdesk Solution. Request for latest zap helpdesk app solution file.

Step 5: Register the license. This will automatically start your 15-day trial. Refer KB article: link

Step 6: Provide Security roles: Refer KB article: link

Step 7: Configure Helpdesk settings (Create Zap_HD_Configuration record for each queue that needs to create Case automatically). Refer KB article: link

Step 8: Configure QuickEmailReplyUser Settings link

Step 9: Configure Canned Responses and Categories link