Below security roles are available: (explanation in reference to Case Time Tracking)

Zap PSA Admin / Zap PSA Manager

  • Can read all time entries
  • Can add new time-entries for all users
  • Can edit time-entries for all users
  • Can delete time-entries for all users (only time-entries with status “open” can be deleted)???
  • Can create/edit/delete Contracts (to confirm)

Apart from above, Zap PSA Admin also has access to configuration and licensing level settings,

Zap PSA User:

  • Can view and add new time entries only for self.
  • Can delete self time-entries (with status open)
  • Can read all contracts as well as select them in Contract lookup (available in Case form) [If user needs permission to also create & edit contracts then needs to be given: Zap PSA User – Manage Contracts role]

Zap PSA User – Manage Contracts:

  • Can create/edit/delete Contracts (to confirm)