Below are the new fields added to Case entity by Helpdesk App:

Sender Contact (Contact Lookup)

“Sender Contact” is a custom contact lookup field added to Case form in “Case Details” tab of “General” section.
Zap Helpdesk App extracts the sender’s email address from incoming email and searches the Contact database for a matching contact (when creating case from email). The matched Contact is updated in field “Sender Contact”.

Please note that the out-of-box field “Contact” in Case form  has a constrain that it can only be set if the Case.Customer has a parent account populated. Hence the Case.Contact field may not always have a value.

New Response Received (Check Box)

Whenever a new email is received regarding an existing case, then following actions happen:

  1. Field “New Response Received” is set
  2. Case Status is reset based on the configuration settings

“New Response Received” field will help in filtering out cases which have received a new email communication from Customer. As shown in screenshot below, we have added the field to “Active Cases” view (you will need to manually add the field to the view):

Please note that you will need to manually uncheck this field on the case form once you have actioned the case.

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