Before starting with creation of Zap RS Configuration records, ensure that below steps have been done:

Step 0: Activate the trial!
Step 1
: Register an Azure App. Refer KB article.
Step 2: Setup Authentication. Refer KB article.
Step 3: Create Global Settings.  Refer KB article.

To create Zap RS Configuration record: Browse to Zap Apps >> Zap RS Configuration

Explanation of form fields:

Section: General

Name: Name will be automatically generated. To overwrite this value, uncheck field “Auto-Update Name”.

Description: here you can enter more details regarding the report.

Entity: Select entity

Report: Select report

Owner: The data in the report is generated based on owner’s permission.

Report Default Filter: This is the report filter XML which is populated automatically (from the selected report) when the record is saved. You can modify this XML to change certain values…Eg if you have a filter in report “last X days”…then you can edit the value directly in this field.

Please note that if the filter is modified in the report (after the RS Config record has been created) then you need to run the workflow: GetReportMetaData (as shown in screenshot below)…this will get the latest XML filter condition from the report and populate this field…

Section: Schedule

Enable this schedule: The report schedule can be enabled / disabled based on this check-box.

Report Frequency: Daily
Daily: Selecting this option will display all days of the week. You can check / uncheck the days for which report needs to be emailed.
More report frequency options will be available in future.

Start Date & End Date: The report schedule can be restricted based on the start date and end date.

Timezone: The report schedule will run under this time-zone. By default, the logged-in user’s time-zone will be selected.

Select Days: select the days on which the schedule is supposed to run.

Select Hr  and Mins: select the time on which the schedule is supposed to run.

Scheduled Time – Buffer (Mins): Report Scheduler allows you to schedule a report to run at a particlar time. We use CRM background workflows to trigger on this specific time. However we have found that a waiting workflow may not get triggered exactly at the scheduled time.. but there may be a delay by minute or two. Hence we generally define a buffer time…eg if the report is schedule to run at 6:15…however the workflow got triggered at 6:16…then also the report would get executed if the buffer time specified was 1 minute or more…

We recommend having atleast 2 minutes selected as the buffer time.

Section: Delivery Options

Delivery Mode: Attachment / Inline

Report Format: PDF / Excel  / Word / CSV (if delivery mode is “attachment”)

Do not send email if report has 0 records: If this field is checked then the email will only be sent if number of records in report is greater than 0.

Section: Email Parameters

Recipient Type: Email Address (More options will be added in future release)

To (;), CC (;), BCC (;): Enter semicolon seperated email addresses

Subject: This will determine the email subject of the generated email.
The value will be of format: [Report Name] [ Daily – Mon – Tue – Wed – Thu – Fri – Sat – Sun] if the field is set to text: “[AUTO]”. You have the option to over-ride this field value.

Comment: The comment entered here will go in to the body of generated email.

Email Template: The email will be generated based on the email template selected here.

The email template can use the below place-holders:

{{Report_Name}} : This will be replaced by report name.
{{Report_GeneratedOn}}: This will be the created date-time of the report as per scheduled record owner’s time-zone.
{{Report_Comment}}: This will be replaced by the comment.
{{Report_RecordCount}}: This will give the count of total number of records in report. Please note that this feature is supported only for reports having a single table. If the record count feature is not supported then value of -1 will be shown.
{{Report}}: If the report is to be embedded inline in the generated email, then this placeholder will  be replaced by the report.




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