Step 1: Register License to begin 15-day trial (link)

Step 2: Create Global Settings Record (link)

Step 3: Register an Azure App (This is needed, if you intend to use Authentication Type:”Azure App” … other option for Authentication is: Credentials where you need to enter a Username and Password)
We recommend using the “Azure App” approach… as this will work even if you have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled in your organization. (link)

Step 4: Set up Authentication record (link)

Once the above set-up steps have been accomplished… then you can proceed with below options:

  • Scheduling Report (link)
  • Scheduling Excel Templates (link)
  • Schedule Views (Pls note that this feature does not need any authentication setup step) (link)
  • Configuring a Workflow to generate Documents (from Reports) (link)
  • Configuring a Workflow to generate Documents (from Document Templates) (link)

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