In order for Zap SSRS Report Scheduler App to have necessary permissions for generating & emailing the report, we need to:

  1. Register a new app in Azure Active Directory (please note that no azure credits are needed)
  2. Set Up Authentication (requires user credentials to be stored)

Step 1: Register a new app in Azure Active Directory:

Step 1: Go to Azure portal and select “Azure Active Directory” (in left pane):

Step 2: Select “App registrations” and click on “New application registration”:

Step 3: In new application registration form:

  1. Provide an application name. (eg Zap Report Scheduler)
  2. Select the “Application type” as Native.
  3. Provide any URL as this field is not needed but is required to create an application. (you can enter your CRM URL)
    Click create.

Now that your application is registered, click Properties and copy the “Application ID”. We will need to enter this application id when we setup the authentication

Step 4: Add permissions to the app for Dynamics CRM API

Click “Settings” and then under “API Access” click “Required Permissions”

Click “Add” under “Required Permissions” and then Click “Select an API” under “Add API Access”

Click “Dynamics CRM Online” (under ” Select an API”) and click “Select”

Check “Access Dynamics 365 as organization users” and click “Select”

Click “Done”

Now select “Dynamics CRM Online” and click button “Grant Permissions”

A popup message will be shown as “Do you want to grant the permissions below for “Report Scheduler” for all accounts in current directory?”. Click “Yes”.

You will receive a popup message “Successfully granted permissions for application”

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