Version: 5.0.2016.0001 

Release Date: Oct-30-2018
Notes: This build is compatible with CRM On-Premise too!

Known Issues:
1. The number of records per report has been limited to 1000. This limitation is only applicable for non-admin user. An admin user can used the advanced safe mode feature for report scheduling (this does not have any limitation on number of records) and have this sent to any number of users.

2. Some of the sample reports that come out-of-box are not supported.
Work-Around: You can build your own reports using report wizard or SSRS tool. These reports are supported.

3. We have come across few isolated scenarios where a particular filter clause did not work when report was scheduled using Report Scheduler App.

For example, the “Contains” clause does not seem to work with “Subject” field of “Phone Call” entity. This is a very isolated scenario… as “Contains” clause works absolutely fine with other entities that we tested (using report scheduler App).

In such scenarios, we normally work with the Customer to identify the filter clause and then suggest a work-around!

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