1.  The value from report filters is populated in field “Report Default Filter” in RS Configuration record…when the record is saved first-time. You can modify this XML to change certain values…Eg if you have a filter in report “last X days”…then you can edit the value directly in this field.

2. If the filter is modified in the original report (after the RS Config record has been created) then you need to run the workflow: GetReportMetaData (as shown in screenshot below)…this will get the latest XML filter condition from the report and populate this field…

3.  Please note that below report filters are not supported for non admin users (only supported for admin users using report scheduler’s – advanced safe mode feature):

  • Equals Current User or His Reporting Hierarchy
  • Equals Current User or His Team or His Reporting Hierarchy and their Teams
  • Equals Current Users Team
  • Equals Current User or Users Team

Work Around: In the original report …directly add the user/s in report filter condition…