If you face an issue which is not getting resolved after following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in KB article:
Then contact support@zapobjects.com with details regarding the issue. (along with the event log – error message)

If Zap Support team finds that the issue may be because of failure in report execution then will suggest to try using safe mode feature.

In-order to run the report in safe mode:

1. Ensure that the “Owner” of the scheduled record is same as the user whose credentials have been used in “Authentication Setup” settings.
2. In scheduled record form, scroll down to section “Miscellaneous Settings” and mark “Safe Mode” checkbox.

Please note that the scheduled record will not run under safe mode until both the above points have been adhered too.

Next, try setting the scheduled record date-time to run in next few minutes and check if the email with report gets generated or not?

Now let the support team know the results so that they could guide you further!

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