The Additional Case Settings covers below areas of functionality:

  1. Email Reply Panel
  2. History Panel
  3. Email & Portal Conversation extraction
  4. Case field changes tracking
  5. Case Email Recipients Panel

These settings are applied to Case… only when “Case.Applicable Queue” field has been populated. Please note that “Case.Applicable Queue” field is independent of the Queue in which the Case is.

Explanation of Form fields:


=======Section: General=======
Applicable Queue
Enable Case Commands
Customer Service Calendar

=======Section: Internal Team Identification Settings=======
Email Addresses (;)

Tab:2:History Settings:

=======Section: Enable Features=======

There are certain background plugins that we register / de-register based on below settings:
Please remember to click “Publish” button (Available in top ribbon) after making any change in below settings:

Extract Email Conversations
Extract Portal Conversations
Track Phone Call Completion
Track Appointment Completion
Track Task Completion
Track Notes Completion
Track Case Field Changes
Push Case Description as History Comment &  Mark as Public Comment:
Record Case Fields on Case Creation
Select fields that need to be tracked on Case Creation:

=======Section: Email Response Recognition Settings=======

=======Section: Case History Panel Display Settings=======

Support Label:
Customer Label:
Page Size:
Show Inline Images:
Default Font Size:
Hide Attachment By Default:
Export File Header:
Export File Name:
Export File Timestamp:
Configure History Types:
Configure Conversation Types:

Tab:3:Email Reply Settings:

On Load
Email Template
Default Email Template For Update External
Recipient From Type
Default Email Action
Email Recipients – Do Not Repeat
Email Recipients – Format Display
Automatically Add Case Number in Email Subject
Upload Attachments to Azure
QER – Case Status (Default)

Tab:4: Email Recipients:





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