High Level Features in Helpdesk App (prior to June21 build):

  • Email to Case
  • Fwd to New Case
  • Spam Protection
  • Re-Open Existing Case
  • Email Parsing
  • Quick Email Reply + Canned Responses

Some of the new Features Added in June 21 build:

  • Noise Free Email + Portal History
  • Update Email (Ability to respond back to Requestor with full history of email and portal communication threads)
  • Notifications Module + Integration with Zap Notifications
  • Email Recipients Section + ability to use these recipients in custom workflows (for sending email notifications)
  • Tracking Case Field Changes
  • Ability to have attachments and inline images be copied over to your Azure… so that those could be accessible even by your requestors
  • Send Case creation acknowledgement email to Requestor based on business or calendar hours.
  • Recent Case Updates (Easily know which Cases have new updates and what those updates are)

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