Organizing your Helpdesk using Queues

You may be having multiple departments in your company. For example Billing, Finance, HR, Sales, Customer Support, Employee Support, etc.
Each department could have different support agents, automation rules, SLA’s, business hours, workflows.

You could organize your Helpdesk based on different departments that need to be serviced. These departments could be based on the function they cater to!

Now you could create a separate Queue (e.g Zap Support, Zap Finance, Zap HR) for each of the department. And could have a separate mailbox/shared mailbox (,, etc) created for each!

So whenever an email is received across any of these mailboxes then automatically a Case would be created using Helpdesk App!

Setting up the Support Queue (& syncing with Shared Mailbox)

For instructions on how to create a Queue and sync with Shared Mailbox (which does not require any license), refer KB article.

Creating Support Team

When Case is created using helpdesk App… you can have it automatically assigned to a team.
All support team members could be added to this team.
On Case creation, you can also have a notification (Email as well as Bell) sent to all members of this team!
Now whenever any Support Agent wants to start working on the Case then they could transfer the Case Ownership to themselves and then start working!


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