1. Check out the difference between existing Helpdesk solution (released prior to May 21) vs newly released (June 21) (link)
  2. Design your Support process (link)
  3. Overview of various Helpdesk related settings (link)
  4. Setup the Queues (and have them synced with Mailboxes/ Shared Mailboxes) (link)
  5. Assign necessary security roles to Users / Teams. (link)
  6. Organize / Add various Case fields and sections (which were added from Zap Helpdesk solution) to your Case form (please note that by default we add the needed fields and sections automatically to out-of-box Case form) (link)
  7. Add workflow or business rule to set “Zap Applicable Queue” field in Case form for Newly created Cases.
    For various Helpdesk features (like Case History, Case Email Reply, Case Email Recipients, Case field changes tracking, etc) to work… field “Zap Applicable Queue (lookup to Queue)” Or “Zap Applicable Queue Email(text field)” needs to be set.
    We automatically set this field for cases created from Email-to-Case.
  8. Configure Global Settings
  9. Configure Email-to-Case settings link
  10. Configure Additional Case settings
  11. Configure Notifications settings
  12. Configure Case Commands // This module will be available in future.
  13. Configure Canned Responses
  14. Troubleshooting

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