The various Helpdesk App related settings are mainly categorized in to 4 areas:

  1. Email-to-Case Settings
    – Case Creation / Re-open
    – Linking of Case Customer to Account/Contact
    – Linking of email to existing Case
    – Fwd to new Case Settings
    – Email Parsing
    Important point to note here is that email-to-case trigger point is when email is received in Dynamics…and not when it is added to or routed to a Queue!
  2. Additional Case Settings
    – Quick Email Reply
    – History Panel
    – Email & Portal Conversation extraction
    – Case field changes tracking
    – Populate Case Email Recipients (this is needed for sending external and internal notifications)
  3. Notification Settings
    – Email and Bell Notifications which could be easily turned on/off
    – Some of the common notifications are New Case, New Email Response, Case Closure, Case Assignment,  New Portal Comment etc
  4. Case Commands Settings
    This functionality will be available in future release.

How each of the above settings tie together?

The common element that connects the above settings together is : Queue!

For example you may have multiple departments in your company (like General Support, HR, Finance etc) OR multiple product lines (Product A, Product B) for which you would like to setup Case Management. Create a dedicated Queue for each one & then configure corresponding Helpdesk settings (email-to-case, add. case settings, notification settings, case commands)

How are the above Helpdesk settings related to Case Record?

We have introduced a new custom field in Case called as: Applicable Queue
This field needs to be set on Case creation. Only then the above Helpdesk Settings will work! (Please note that if the Case has been created using Email-to-Case process then we automatically populate the “Applicable Queue” field)…however for manually created cases… the agent will need to select a value in this field…

Nomenclature / Common Terms:



Bell Notification:



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