Few points to Note:

  1. E2C settings needs to be created for each Queue (for which email-to-case process is needed)
  2. Only 1 E2C configuration record can be created per queue.

Browse to “Email-to-Case Settings” available within “Configuration Settings” and click New.

Explanation of form fields:

Section: General:

Applicable Queue: Select the Queue for which “Email-to-Case” needs to be enabled.
Do not process emails older than X hours: If you delete emails from Dynamics 365 but not from mailbox… then it gets re-created again in Dynamics 365.
If you to exclude email-to-case process to run for such emails then can use this setting.
Exclude duplicate email: If a Requestor sends email to your support mailbox and also marks the same email to a Dynamics 365 user who has server side sync enabled for received emails then…multiple Case can get created for same email.
This is because…Dynamics 365 will create 2 email records…one for email received in your support mailbox… and another one for email received by server side sync from user’s mailbox.
If you want to exclude such emails from creating duplicate cases then enable this setting.
Description: Enter user-friendly description

Section: New Case:

Attach Customer::

Contact/Account Creation::


Section: Email Exclusion/Inclusion:

Exclusion/Inclusion Criteria::

Loop Protection::

Section: Existing Case Check:

Attach Email to existing Case using:
Re-Open Case Closed:

Section: Rules Configurator:

Section: Fwd to New Case:

Section: Email Parsing:

Section: Test Run:

Section: Copy Attachments:

Section: Case No. Format:



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