Zap Case History Panel:

History panel mainly consists of Conversations & History.

Conversations: The conversations area consists mainly of Email and Portal Comments.
1) Email Comments: During the course of Case lifecycle, there would be multiple back-and-forth email communication between the Customer(Requester) and Support Agent.

It is often quite difficult to understand and keep track of relevant communication because there is too much noise in email (repeated older threads).

Helpdesk App has ability to extract new responses from each email and create a NOISE FREE summary of all email communication. We call each of these new responses as email comments.

2) Portal Comments: Portal comments can be added by Requestor (from Portal) or Support agent from within Dynamics 365. These comments are also shown within the Conversation area of History Panel.


Case field changes: During the Case life-cycle the Case may be updated with multiple information eg you may change case priority, description, assign case to different support agents/teams, etc.
All this information can be tracked by Zap Helpdesk App… you need to configure which all fields need to be tracked.

Email Notifications: email notifications like new case creation, case assignment, case resolution can be automatically tracked in Case History panel. So when you are viewing the case history summary… this information is readily available.

Custom History records: The History panel architecture is quite extendible in the sense that apart from case field changes & email notifications… you can add your custom history records to the Case too… For example you may like case history record created when someone adds a new case time entry record… or you may need to add the notes in history record when someone adds a new note to the case.


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