Below are the additional fields and sections added by Helpdesk solution:

Section: History Panel
This panel consist of 2 sections:
1. Conversations: Conversations are comments extracted from emails (incoming and outgoing) as well as portal comments.

2. History: This consists of:
– Conversations: Email & Portal Comments
– Tracking Case field changes
– Tracking automated email notifications – which were sent from Dynamics 365
– Tracking notes, phone calls and appointment
– Custom history messages (eg Case Resolution SLA breached)

Section: Quick Reply

Helpdesk solution provides a Quick Reply panel which support agents can use to reply back (with email)  to requestors.

This is an alternate to out-of-box Email form!

The advantage that this provides is that most of the fields are already populated.
– From Recipient – with Queue Email (or logged-in user email)
– To/CC Recipients – with Case Customer and any additional email recipients which were added to Case.Email Recipients section.
– Email Subject – with case title / earlier email subject with Case Number added
– Email body – with default email template OR earlier email thread OR full history of email & portal comments.

Further you could easily insert Canned Responses too!

Section: Email Recipients

This section stores the external and internal email recipients within the Case record.
The external email recipients are used for sending automated external email notifications (case creation, case closure, etc) to requestor. Further, these are also populated automatically in To/CC section when using Quick Email Reply.
The internal email recipients are used for sending automated internal (email/in-app) notifications (case assigned/case created etc) to support team.

Additional Fields:

Applicable Queue (zap_hd_applicable_queue): The various settings
Sender Contact (zap_sendercontact):
Sender Email (zap_senderemail):
New Response zap_newcustomerresponsereceived (To Deprecate)
Zap Preferred – From Recipient Queue Email (zap_preferredfromrecipientqueueemail)
Zap Contact First Name (zap_contactfirstname)
Zap Contact Last name (zap_contactlastname)
Zap Allow Requester Follow Up Email (zap_enable_followup_requestor)
Zap Allow Agent Follow Up Email (zap_enable_followup_support_agent)
Zap Allow Requester Case Closure Email (zap_enable_case_closure_requestor)
Zap Allow Auto Case Closure (zap_mark_case_resolved_followup_requestor)
Zap Enable (Portal Agent) (zap_enable_portal_agent)
Zap Enable (Portal Requestor) (zap_enable_portal_requestor)
Customer Service Calendars
Zap Applicable Queue Email (zap_applicable_queue_email)

Apart from these, we would also recommend adding 2 more sections to Case form:
– Email Reader (which is part of Zap Email Reader App)
– Attachment Viewer (which is part of Zap Attachment Viewer App)



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