Use-Case: Sending automated email with reports (as pdf) to Customers or Partners (e.g. sending cases summary report to all customers weekly or sending order detailed report to partners (distributors) daily)

There are 3 parts to this solution:

1. Report which runs on Account entity… retrieves all the Active and Closed Cases with modifiedOn in past 7 days OR Orders placed by distributor in past 7 days.
–  This needs to be created.

2. Workflow that runs on the Account record to execute the report (created in Step 1) and then generate a PDF document which is sent in email.
– This is a core functionality and already a part of Zap Report Scheduler solution
– Refer KB article: Using Workflow capability to generate multiple reports (link)

3. Workflow Scheduler –  to schedule the workflow (created in Step 2)
Here we select Entity, Workflow, View of records (or enter FetchXML) on which the Workflow is supposed to run.
You can schedule the workflows even using Flows (using recurrence workflow to update selected records which trigger the workflow).

However please note that dynamics reporting services is not able to handle multiple report executions at the same-time.

Our Workflow scheduler has ability to execute workflows in multiple batches… with each workflow executing with a gap of 5 seconds. (In addition to this, we have also built a retry mechanism which will allow up to 2 retrial attempts which execute after gap of 1 and 10 minutes. This ensures 99.99% successful execution of the report or document template)
For details regarding workflow scheduling functionality, please refer KB article.

Walk-through of implementing this use-case:

Step 1: Building the Case Summary report which runs on Account record

Step 2: Configuring the onDemand Workflow which runs on Account record and generates the email with PDF of Case Summary report attached.

Step 2 A: Create a configuration record for:  “WF Report Multiple” as shown in screenshots below:

Step 2 B: Create an OnDemand Workflow…  which references the “WF Report Multiple” configuration record (created in above step)

To check if workflow  is running fine and generating the emails with PDF of report … try running this onDemand workflow on few account records:

Step 3: Schedule the workflow created in Step 2 to run on selected Account records on daily/weekly basis:

The workflows would get executed in multiple batches… each batch would execute the workflow on 20 records… with time gap of 5 seconds…
This will ensure that we are not hitting the reporting services at the same-time…

For troubleshooting purpose, you can browse to  related section…and open “Zap RS Render Workflow” to check the multiple batches which have been created with a different time-out…
(here for testing purpose, we had kept batch size as 2…hence “Number of Entity ID’s” shows as 2)

Also can check Zap RS  Event Log…